ELI Whistler Trip!

I have a confession to make–I’ve actually only been to Whistler once in my life. So this trip was as much a new experience for me as it was for the other students.

Our day started at the usual meeting spot at Granville and Georgia, which at 6AM is a lot different than the bustling chaos it is at 6PM! After getting a hearty breakfast (at A&W) we all departed for Whistler in our private stretch SUV, which was a first for me…!! I’ve seen quite of few stretch limousines in Downtown Vancouver and I always imagine who it is that is inside, but who knew that it could be a bunch of students!

Once in a while, Vancouver’s weather clears up and you get to see mountains with a clear vibrancy that’s normally enshrouded in clouds. This Saturday was one of those days. I have to say that it was almost “too” clear, and the reflecting sunlight hurt my eyes…:(. So, I suggest that you bring sunglasses….or enough money to buy some.

The architecture of the village itself almost seems as if it were out of a fairytale, but I have to say that it’s been quite commercialized. If I remember correctly, there’s a Starbucks at almost every corner (I counted around 4) and there’s no shortage of stores that you can find in Downtown Vancouver such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Lush, and Roots. If you do ever make a trip out to Whistler, it’d probably be best to engage in the various snow activities that the mountain offers. Snow tubing, skiing, snowboarding and skating are among some of the things that you can enjoy, but if you’re not an active person (like me) then you can always take the gondola between Blackcomb and Whistler mountain peaks (aptly named the Peak2Peak). There’s also a glass-bottomed gondola so you can see what the tops of trees look like.

If you have time, I definitely recommend you to make a trip up to Whistler! Whistler also seems to have quite a lively nightlife, so you could always spend the night and experience the real Canadian outdoors and culture!