Are Schools Suppressing Creativity?

Are Schools Supressing Creativity? - ELI Blog

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The goal for most people is to be successful in life. Earning money and having a good job promotes ideas of comfort and respectability. People go to school to gain knowledge and learn the skills needed to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, schools all around the world do not fulfill their purpose in aiding people to do this. Things are taught in a way that only helps prepare children for university and traditional careers.  Most systems do not fully consider children`s abilities to be creative in different subjects. Instead, the systems encourage them to think in one way and judge them when they make mistakes.

According to Ken Robinson, “schools are teaching that mistakes are the worst thing you can do.” Children begin with so much creativity and curiosity, but are then trained to suppress these impulses. They are taught that mistakes are a failure, rather than part of the process of learning. This is quite disturbing considering that failure is fundamental to learning. The manner in which schools teach is harmful to children. The current system pushes spontaneity out and filters people into specific segments of society. It focuses on academics while sacrificing other methods of learning.

The majority of people have different ways of learning, but only one way is emphasized in the current school systems. This leaves many people at a disadvantage, and it is “unfair and unjust” that the minority are rewarded, while the majority suffer. All learning processes should encourage children to explore their strengths, whether they are scientific or artistic. Unabated imagination and curiosity are the best motivations for encouraging intellectual bravery and innovative thought. They flourish most in an environment that supports a variety of learning capabilities in a fun and inclusive manner.

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Suppress: (verb) to forcibly put an end to

Spontaneity: (noun) the performance or occurrence of something as a result of a sudden inner impulse

Unabated: (adjective) without any reduction in intensity or strength

See video below for Ken Robinson’s talk at TED 2006 about how he thinks schools harm creativity.

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