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Canadian People and More!

by Juliana Riascos Oliveros on February 17, 2017 @7:34 pm
Once you arrive in Canada, you can be pretty sure that you made the best decision ever. Regardless of your plans, Canada is a beautiful country to visit. Here in Vancouver, you can find some of the best examples of Canadian culture. In general, the city offers many choices for all of your needs. One […]
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My First Time Watching a Play in English

by Mika Takada on February 17, 2017 @7:28 pm
Last Thursday, on February 2nd, I went to watch the play called “Love and Information” at Frederic Wood Theatre, UBC, as the part of class activity. Overall, the play was interesting and enjoyable. It consisted of 59 short scenes, and each scene had individual story. As I had never watched this style of the play […]
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My Country: Taiwan

by Yu Tzu Lin on November 14, 2016 @8:07 pm
Have you ever heard of Taiwan? Have you ever looked at a world map and found Taiwan? Taiwan is hundreds of times smaller than Canada. It is a diminutive island located in East Asia near the Pacific Ocean. But there are almost 23 million people in this small island. Even though it sounds really overcrowded, […]
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Canadian Thanksgiving

by Natalie Dee (CA Blogger) on October 11, 2016 @6:52 pm
As we’re getting deeper into the semester and getting more and more busy with school, it’s a great relief to get a long weekend! To celebrate, many Canadian families will be gathering together and preparing a large meal, along with other fall family activities. However, unlike American Thanksgiving, which has historical roots that date back […]
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Downtown Eastside Powwow

by Nelly Leo (CA Blogger) on October 11, 2016 @6:44 pm
Last weekend, we were fortunate enough to be a part of a culturally significant event here in Coast Salish territory called Vancouver. UBC ELI Cultural Assistants and students took part in a Powwow at Oppenheimer Park. A Powwow, to our understanding as settlers in Vancouver, is a communal event to dance, sing, socialize, and honour […]
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