My Country: Taiwan

night-market-pictureHave you ever heard of Taiwan? Have you ever looked at a world map and found Taiwan? Taiwan is hundreds of times smaller than Canada. It is a diminutive island located in East Asia near the Pacific Ocean. But there are almost 23 million people in this small island. Even though it sounds really overcrowded, Taiwan still has a lot of amazing things.

Taiwan’s capital city is called Taipei. There is a landmark skyscraper, Taipei 101— it used to be the tallest building in the world. On the top of the Taipei 101 is the observatory where you can see the beautiful night view of Taipei. The weather in Taiwan is hot and humid from June to September, but it seldom rains and never snows during Winter. As a result, I usually recommend that my foreign friends visit Taiwan in November to March. It is really a great time for traveling in Taiwan because of the wonderful weather.

I think the most amazing thing about Taiwan is that there are more than three hundred night markets in Taiwan. A night market is a great place to try out the various tasty snacks. They don’t only sell food in night market, but also sell many other kinds of goods. You can find many different kinds of cheap products such as clothes, electronic accessories and so on. If you have chance to visit Taiwan, you definitely should check out a night market. You don’t need to search which season will the night markets be running, they are opened daily, all year in every city in Taiwan. I really love the night market especially the price of food. For instance, the bubble tea in Taiwan’s night market costs less than 2 dollars. It’s much cheaper than Vancouver’s. If I want to hang out at night, I usually go to the nightmarket.

Another cool thing about Taiwan is that there are scooters are everywhere! In Taiwan, scooters are commonly seen on the road unlike in America or western countries. Owing to Taiwan’s land area, scooters are the most useful transportation for the Taiwanese to go to school or work. It’s small and convenient to stop on any narrow road. Therefore, almost every Taiwanese has a driver’s license for a scooter, even if they don’t usually ride one.

In spite of its diminutive size, Taiwan is still a country where you can enjoy both urban landscapes and country landscapes. And there are seven national parks to protect our special natural scenery and monuments. My favorite national park in Taiwan is Yangmingshan National Park that is located in Taipei. It is famous for its cherry blossoms, hot springs, sulfur, and the extinct volcano. I usually go there in March, because it is the traditional flower season in the park every year. So after appreciating the flowers, I recommend you go to the hot spring. There are various hot springs in the park. Furthermore, Yangmingshan National Park is easy for visitors to get to. You can easily find the transportation to get there. If you come to Taiwan, I suggest you make a one-day trip to Yangmingshan National Park.

Taiwanese are very friendly and passionate. They treat you like part of their family. If you speak English, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier. Most young people speak English at a good level. Even the old people who can’t speak English well, they still use their body language to try their best to help you. Also, you won’t get lost in Taiwan. There are a lot of warm-hearted people will help you. You must visit Taiwan personally, and then you can understand what an amazing country is it. So welcome to Taiwan.