My First Time Watching a Play in English

Last Thursday, on February 2nd, I went to watch the play called “Love and Information” at Frederic Wood Theatre, UBC, as the part of class activity. Overall, the play was interesting and enjoyable. It consisted of 59 short scenes, and each scene had individual story. As I had never watched this style of the play before last night, it made me excited. At the beginning of each scene, the title was projected; for example, “depression” and “mother.”  I enjoyed considering the title and guessing what message each story tried to send to the audience

The most impressive scene of the whole play was the one called “depression”. I could not get what it really means and how it is relevant to our lives. However, every section had this scene, and it was really catchy. However, since the actors were speaking really fast, I could not catch everything. I realized that I need to work harder in order to get better at English. Otherwise I will never be able to do it. It will take a long time to master foreign languages. I have only more 2 months until I go back to Japan. I will try do my best to make the rest of life in Vancouver meaningful.